European Championship Trophy 1939

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"Miracles May Happen Even Today!"

The Original The Copy is in scale 2/3

Those words were appropiate on May 22, 1993 at Kalev Yachtclub flagpole when Mr. Sven Tamm handed over a unique prize to the President of the Estonian Yachtclub Union Mr. Peter Volkov who gave it to the Commodore of IM-XVIYRA Mr. Sulev Küünarpuu.

Some words about the history of the prize. In 1939 an international iceboating week was to be held in Germany in Angerburg on Lake Schwenzaitsee. But winter was warm and ice melt. That made the Estonian Championship of great interest. The competitions were held in three classes. The winner of the European Championship in Monotype-XV was to be awarded a perpetual "Nations Trophy" by the Estonian Yachting Union of that time.

 The trophy is very unique in appearance. A silver hemisphere is engraved with the map of Europe. A silver iceboat is fixed on the hemisphere and flags of the member-countries: Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Austia and Poland are placed around the hemisphere. The plate has the text:

Estonian Yachting Union 19.-21.III 1939 Tallinn

To save the prize from perishing the President of  EEU of that time Mr. Eric von Holst took it with him from Estonia to Germany. The prize was kept in Steinhude in the Union  of Baltic Yachtsmen together with other prizes. When "Nautici" club was founded in Sweden, people from Steinhude had a wish to hand it over to them. But at the board meeting of "Nautici" on September 23, 1980, the decision was to ask Steinhude to keep the prize until Estonia becomes independant and then handle the prize over to the Estonian Yachting Union. 

In April this year (1993), when Estonian yachtsmen were taking part in the Trapez Regatta in Steinhude, the Commodore of Honour of the Steinhude Yachtclub Mr. Kurt Schilling handed it over to Mr. Sven Tamm who brought it back to Estonia.

Steinhude yachtsmen had a wish that the prize would be placed in a show window so it could be seen by many people. During the IM-XVIYRA meeting this summer it was agreed that this unique trophy will be eternally kept in a show window to guarantee its imperishability. Copies of the prize will be made and awarded to the winners of European Championship eternally. The task to make copies is not the easiest one, but neither was it easy for people to carry and save the prize in good condition through winds of war and years in several countries.

With great honour and gratitude

Tallinn 22nd of may 1993


Sven Tamm

Sulev Küünarpuu





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