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Monotype-XV sailors memory page                          

Betting Bakker (H-20) -Jan 8, 2018

Dear Friends,

We received the sad news that Betting Bakker has passed away.

Betting sailed many boats in his life, probably mostly the Regenboog Class with which he sailed many races. He had his XV H -20 “Blue Ice” built in 1997 and sailed as well in the Netherlands as many races abroad. We will remember him as a generous man with a good sense of humor.

We will miss him, we had a lot of fun together. He was a loyal member and contributed to Monotype XV Nederland.

Our thoughts are with his family and especially Steven and Oscar.

Ge Been (NED-13) in memoriam october 2017

Dear Friends,
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that last night our dear Friend Ge Been has passed away. He has been an inspiring sailing friend for many of us, always ready to help out with advice, tools, gear and work and he has built some of the most beautiful Monotypes around as well as a wonderful traditional Dutch ice yacht. But also in wet water sailing he has built, restored and helped so many yachts and yachtsmen. His workbench in his workshop, with the woodstove and coffee and beers on the grinding table was a famous place of gathering because foremost, Ge was a very generous and hospitable, social man.

We will all miss him very much indeed and will often think back, with a smile, to his many standard expressions, comments on work properly or poorly done, and the social center he was in so many lives. That we can cherish and be grateful for. Our thoughts are with his wife Marrie and daughter Brigitte, grandchild and family.
Kind regards,
Pieter den Haan Oct 25, 2017

Ge Been 2010

Jan Hesselman 1940-2010

Jan was one of initiators of reestablishing the XV class internationally, and the driving force in the XV class in Sweden 1991-1995. Jan was also behind the first XV (XV S-16) to be built for Swedish sailors.
Photo: in Fiskeboda 2005   by Ulf Torberger

Oleg Ekimov 1938-2007
Photo: in Fiskeboda 2001   by Ulf Torberger

Anatolij Konovalov -2003

Nikolaj Kargopolov -2003
Photo: in Vörtsjärv 2002   by Ulf Torberger

Last week, two of our fellow members and very close friends got killed in a car accident. Anatolij Konovalov and Nikolaj Kargopolov are no longer with us. This came as a huge shock, and will certainly have very bad consequences for Monotype class in Russia as these two gentlemen were the driving force behind the Russian Monotype-XV.
George Bolsch October 1, 2003







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