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Monotype-XV sailors memory page                          

Jan Hesselman 1940-2010

Jan was one of initiators of reestablishing the XV class internationally, and the driving force in the XV class in Sweden 1991-1995. Jan was also behind the first XV (XV S-16) to be built for Swedish sailors.
Photo: in Fiskeboda 2005   by Ulf Torberger

Oleg Ekimov 1938-2007
Photo: in Fiskeboda 2001   by Ulf Torberger

Anatolij Konovalov -2003

Nikolaj Kargopolov -2003
Photo: in Vörtsjärv 2002   by Ulf Torberger

Last week, two of our fellow members and very close friends got killed in a car accident. Anatolij Konovalov and Nikolaj Kargopolov are no longer with us. This came as a huge shock, and will certainly have very bad consequences for Monotype class in Russia as these two gentlemen were the driving force behind the Russian Monotype-XV.
George Bolsch October 1, 2003







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