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Officially elected Board (2019)

Country Role Name and role
Estonia Boardmember

Tiina Motuste ( tiina.motuste -at  )

Mobile: +372 51 78 534   Private: +372 648 4381

Skype:  tiinamotuste   (Tallinn, Estonia)

Finland Boardmember Mats Löfberg, Finland
Germany Boardmember

Michael Oswald

Netherlands Boardmember Ton van Berkel  ( )
Poland Boardmember Jerzy Nowakowski   Homepage
Phone: +48 601 80 33 11  +48 087 428 83 11
Russia Boardmember

Alex Vostrunosov R-31 (E-mail:

(Russian, German or little English)

Sweden Commodore


Bernhard Rost
Sweden. Mobile: +46-73 360 47 19,

Officially elected Technical Supervisors

Country Technical Supervisor

Last update

Estonia Andrus Padu  Feb 2019
Finland Mats Löfberg  
Germany Eckhardt Pagel  
Netherlands Daan Schutte  
Poland Jerzy Nowakowski  
Russia Oleg Vasilev (R-1)   
Sweden TG Kinberg    Nov 2018
USA Erich Schloemer 2008

Officially elected contactpersons


Robert Holm Contactperson

Träsklidvägen 6a3,  SF-68600 Jakobstad,  Finland,    Mobile: +358 50 5375750


Ton van Berkel, Member of IM-XVIYRA Board (mail above)


George Bolsch (English, Swedish, Russian)
Mobile: +46-708-797 686


Ulf Torberger  Contactperson

Mobile +46 70 493 81 24


Erich Schloemer  eschloemer -at-





IM-XVIYRA,  c/o Ulf Torberger,  Jaktvägen 81,  SE-187 42 TÄBY,  SWEDEN

This page was last updated on 01-feb-2019.