European Championship 2002

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Photo from European Championship 2002

Photo (c):  Ulf Torberger

E-Champions_2002_00-Hotel_Promenaadi.jpg (71738 bytes)
Hotel Promanaadi, Haapsalu
E-Champions_2002_31-Skippers-meeting-Haapsalu.jpg (80950 bytes)
Skippers meeting in Haapsalu with Endel Voorema and Tiina Motuste
E-Champions_2002_01.jpg (108151 bytes) 
The European champions: Andrei Nikandrov and Michail Sheljakin
E-Champions_2002_30-Dutch-in-Haapsalu.jpg (45496 bytes)
Dutch icesailors prefer to testing with the flag at the top. Beautiful.
E-Champions_2002_12-R21.jpg (69677 bytes) E-Champions_2002_08-R31.jpg (72455 bytes)
E-Champions_2002_05-R31.jpg (57233 bytes) E-Champions_2002_06-R31-R5.jpg (57396 bytes) E-Champions_2002_07-R31-R5.jpg (64520 bytes)
E-Champions_2002_36-C11-Haapsalu.jpg (61522 bytes) E-Champions_2002_09-C7.jpg (31750 bytes) E-Champions_2002_11-Finish-SWE-16.jpg (39445 bytes) E-Champions_2002_21-Peder-Friis_raining.jpg (58726 bytes)
Peder is wet after hours rain, but very very happy

Skippers meeting
E-Champions_2002_10-SWE-16.jpg (45162 bytes) E-Champions_2002_15-Depot.jpg (126419 bytes)
E-Champions_2002_13-Arvo.jpg (69109 bytes)

Arvo Tuvikene. Scientist from the Limnological station who helped us with information about the lake and their research. Thank you for all help and information!!

Ulf Torberger/Commodore

E-Champions_2002_14-Arvo.jpg (93597 bytes)
E-Champions_2002_16-Happy.jpg (67980 bytes) E-Champions_2002_17-Tiina_Korgopolov.jpg (69814 bytes)  E-Champions_2002_19-Korgopolov.jpg (57125 bytes) E-Champions_2002_18-Losev.jpg (48950 bytes)
E-Champions_2002_22-Start_SWE16-C3.jpg (31180 bytes) E-Champions_2002_23-Alte_Deutche-Icesegler.jpg (77926 bytes)  
An older German icesailor outside his caravan.
E-Champions_2002_24-SWE16-Lift.jpg (46520 bytes)
E-Champions_2002_25-Layline.jpg (52050 bytes) E-Champions_2002_26-Layline.jpg (26106 bytes)  E-Champions_2002_27-C3.jpg (36818 bytes) E-Champions_2002_28-SWE30.jpg (38470 bytes) E-Champions_2002_29-Depot-Haapsalu.jpg (43685 bytes) 
Deep snow in depot i Haansalu
  E-Champions_2002_33-Bolchakovs.jpg (50623 bytes) E-Champions_2002_34-SWE30.jpg (60955 bytes)     
E-Champions_2002_35-Tiina-kicksledge.jpg (60121 bytes)

Tiina's new kicksledge (sparka), a gift from the XV-sailors with love.
Link to the manufacturer

E-Champions_2002_20-Start.jpg (47156 bytes) E-Champions_2002_32-Meausuring-tool.jpg (55820 bytes)
Tools for meausuring the mast (above) and boom (below)

Photo (c):  Ulf Torberger





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