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Photos 2009

Map of lake Niegocin

Link to photos from Lake Charzykowy in Poland here.

Friday Feb 27, 2009 (Euro-Champ 3rd day and World Champ)

Photo: Ulf Torberger

Photo: Rafael ?


Thursday Feb 26, 2009 (Euro-Champ 2nd day)

Photo: Ulf Torberger


Wednesday Feb 25, 2009 (Euro-Champ 1st day)

Photo: Ulf Torberger


Monday Feb 23, 2009
Baltic Cup. 4-6,5 m/s. -1 to -4 degrees. 6-15cm snow and cloudy, little snow showers.

Evening at Ryn Castle:

Panorama photo is 4Mb large!!


Knights dancing at Ryn Castle evening (mpeg-format)
Photo: Roland Pildre


Sunday Feb 22, 2009
Sunday Feb 22, Polish Championshop and official opening
Photo: Ulf Torberger (c)

Saturday evening feb 21, 2009: Everyone is here at Sunday feb 22 is planned Polish championship. Skippers meeting at 09:00, first start at 10:00. Night is cold with -15 degrees and singing ice. Everybody is happy and waiting to sail. Expect good wind in afternoon.   /Ulf Torberger Commodore.

Photo feb 21: Rafael ?

Thursday Feb 19: Ice is 20 cm, snow from 6 cm, in snowdrifts up to 12 cm. Snow was measured in four places in 1 km distances. Snow is fresh, fluffy. Ice is good for sailing. Temperature at night was -8C -10C, during tha day -4C -5C. It stopped snowing. Sun is shining. Jurek did the iceraport P10 and Prit C45.


18 feb 2009:
Ice is 20 cm, snow is 2-3 cm, snowdrifts up to 6 -8 cm. The nights -5C the day -1C. Today in the morning I was sailing on a ice yacht, with the wind about 20-25 km/h was ok. The ice yacht was going all the routs and was doing all the turns without stopping. For the time being the conditions are difficult but still good enough for the championship. It snows a little but the weather forecast is not clear and it's difficult to predict it right now.

16 February 2009, 4cm snow.


07-08 February 2009 on Lake Niegocin were Junior Championships in Poland DN. Ice 20-22 cm. Is 2 cm water. +5C in the day -4C at night
9 February 2009 , hard ice, +3C in the day - 5C at night.
Photo February 3, 2009. Little rain today.
Lake Niegocin ice 18-22 cm . 1 cm hard snowdrift. Monday (jan 26) 2C, night 0C
Webcamera city Gizycko :
Lake Niegocin January 19, 2009
Lake Niegocin ice 18-22 cm. 1-3 cm snow and 5 cm hard snowdrift. Sunday -5C night -10C.


January 1

Lake Niegocin is totally frozen. Ice 12-13 cm.

January 3 January 4     5-8cm snow.
Temp today -10C, night: -20C





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