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Sunday Feb 21, 2010


Link to 134 photos from  gallery van dideric
gallery van dideric

Photo: Michael Oswald


Tuesday Feb 23, 2010
Today 24 XV, s on the ice of the "Plöner see" but no wind no sailing. Heavy ice. But tonight frost however rest of week in plus. Here are two webcams that shows the harbour and all activities at the sailingclub: GPS to the lake: GPS: N54 08.232 E10 22.242. The lake is between Tavemünde and Kiel in northern Germany.


Media in Plöner: 
Link to photos Plöner Segler-Verein von 1908 e.V.

Lübecker Nachrichten Feb 22 (pdf)
Kieler Nachrichten Feb 24 (pdf)
Kieler Nachrichten Feb 25 (pdf)
Radio interview (mp3) (from  Radio R.SH (Radio Schleswig-Holstein, )

Thursday Feb 25, 2010

Photo: Michael Oswald


Friday Feb 26, 2010

Photo: Hans Vogler (

Regatta Dinner:

Photo: Michael Oswald




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