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Saturday April 13, 2013 Erik von Holst Cup, Saaremaa, Estonia

Photos will be posted here when they arrive to me   /Ulf T

 Photo: Ulf Ender  (c)


Friday March 8, 2013

Skippers meeting held 09:45 at racing course on ice. First start 10:15.

Two racees for Baltic Cup and four races in Europen Championship sailed in perfect conditions. Photos available withon two hours.

Final results European Championship
Final results Baltic Cup

Preliminary: European Champion:  Bernhard Rost and Tore Lewander

From left: Tore Lewander, Bernhard Rost and sailing in XV S-29

  Photo: Ulf Torberger  (c)



Thursday March 7, 2013

Skippers meeting held 10:00 at racing course on ice. First start 10:15.

One race of Baltic Cup and four races in Europen Championship sailed in perfect conditions. Photos available withon two hours.

Link to PRELKIMINARY results here


/Ulf T

  Photo: Ulf Torberger  (c)


Wednesday March 6, 2013

Departure from hotel start at 05:00. Target is Poland and village Rydzewo south side of the lake "Niegocin", just south of city "Gizycko". Distance is 522 km from Liegaja.


About 18-20 XV'sare now on ice in lake Niegocin, Poland. Ice is mostly 20-25cm and hard stong ice. Forecast is colder and below zero from Friday March 8 and a week on. Sunny wheather today and very good conditions. All is well and we are looking forward to two days of competition from Thursday March 7.


/Ulf T

  Photo: Ulf Torberger  (c)


Tuesday March 5, 2013

Breakfast at 07:00 in hotel. Location is Liva Hotel in Leipaja city.
Skippers meeting planned at 10:00 in Hotel Liva. Permission to sail on ice was handed over by the city mayor.

Aprox 11:00 all gathered at the decided location and all started to unload their XV's to ice.

At 14:00 sailors gathered at planned racing course, but ice was not safe and the sun was quickly melting the ice and created unexpected som eholes. Two XV's and a ATV became wet in holes, but could be saved with no loss of properties or injuries. At 14:30 it was desided to load all XV's to trailers and go to hotel for more information.


Skippers meeting in hotel planned to 19:00

/Ulf T

  Photo: Ulf Torberger  (c)


Monday March 4, 2013

Skippers meeting at 09:00 Not enough and reliable info was available to make a final decision.
Skippers meeting at 11:00 and this is current status:

bulletNot possible to sail at Saaremaa.
bulletLativa, Liepaja is good and good forecast. Waiting for permission from authorities. Distance is 550km, hotel available nearby.
bulletPoland Gizycko. Good condition, Jurek showed a video 1 hour old from sailing in 3-4 m/s on ice with little snow and partially no snow. Distance is 810km.
bulletNo other options available, Roxen in Sweden not good.

Monday March 4: Skippers meeting at 15:00 or earlier. Decision is made: LIEPAJA, Latvia. Departure NOW (2013-03-04, time: 13:00)  /Ulf T

Boring driving  for 550 km.

  Photo: Ulf Torberger  (c)


Saturday and Sunday March 2-3, 2013

Saturday: Arrivals of most sailors and other people.

Skippers meeting Sunday 16:00 stated that final decision is to be made Monday morning at skippes meeting 09:00. Ice with much snow. Can´t sail in Estonia at all. Multiple location inspected all around Saaremaa today.Options are:

bulletPoland Gizycko
bulletLatvia, Liepaja
bulletSweden: Roxen (Linköping) and
bulletSweden Mjörn (Alingsås/Gothenburg).

Vello Jürjo

Photos from the Kuressarre Castle:


  Photo: Ulf Torberger  (c)


Photos from International Polish Championship 2013, Feb 2-3

  Photo (c): from Jurek N





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