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 March 13, 2014. Cancelled Euro Champ regatta due to bad ice condition

 Photo: Ulf Torberger (c)


 March 12, 2014. No races due to hard wind (12-16 m/s), rescue ATV and trailer.

 Photo: Ulf Torberger (c)


 March 11, 2014. Three races in wind (2-5 m/s)
planned photos here soon

 Photo: Michael Oswald (c)


 March 10, 2014. Storsjön/Östersund too much wind (13-23 m/s)

 Photo: Michael Oswald (c)


 March 9, 2014. Storsjön/Östersund opening ceremony

Thickness of ice is 25-30cm.
 Photo: Michael Oswald (c)

March 5, Storsjön/Östersund: 25-30 cm hard strong ice, max 1 cm soft snow. Everything is perfect. See you on ice soon.  /Ulf

 February 26, 2014. South Dellen west of Hudiksvall

Thickness of ice is unknown, maybe 20cm or so.

 Photo: Ulf Torberger (c)




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