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EC Update February 7th
The accommodation at Fiskeboda is now full! You have all shown a great interest and we have had a hard time to cope with all mails. This means that we no longer can accept new bookings.

Based on all your requests we have distributed you all to the available houses. There will be
- two Dutch houses, one bigger, one smaller

- one house for Estonians and Germans
- one house for Swedes and Russians
Finns and Poles stay elsewhere.

Please note that there is no wifi network at Fiskeboda. If you need Internet you will have to use your mobiles or other method.


View over Fiskeboda 2005

Fiskeboda 2005 from air

EC Update February 3rd  - Decision: Fiskeboda
We have good ice at Fiskeboda now. 15-16 cm hard black ice (Feb 2)

 - Map here   
 - GPS position: 
59°10'45.3"N 15°53'33.8"E

 - from Stockholm:   162 km/2 hours by car.
 - from Malmö:         550 km/5,5 hours by car
 - from Gothenburg:  320 km/3,5 hours by car

Around 75 beds are available at Fiskeboda, 2, 3 or 4 beds per room. We can offer a bed for the entire week (Saturday 11 - Saturday 18) for 275€. We will try to meet your requirements on double rooms but cannot guarantee to satsify every wish. The price includes bed linen, access to a kitchen and house cleaning after the week. Please observe that there is only one option, the full week for 275€, advance payment. In order to book one of the beds you need to pay 275€ to our account in Skandiabanken (below) - first come first served! There is no possibility to book directly with Fiskeboda.

Pay Immedely AND send mail with proof of payment to

IBAN:SE20 9150 0000 0915 0880 7444
Bank & address:
Skandiabanken, Utlandsavdelningen,

Alternative accomodation that you have to book yourself: 
- Katrineholm, several hotels
- Vingåker, 3 hotels
- Örebro, many hotels

Starting Sunday we will serve a simple luncheon (soup or sausage) every day on the ice (or at the depot dependning on conditions) at no extra cost for participants. Bring your own cup and spoon, please!

There is no restaurant at Fiskeboda anymore but there are at least three catering companies in Katrineholm that delivers on order. You can also cook your own meals in the common kitchen. And of course you can take the car to Katrineholm or Vingåker to visit a local restaurant.

The Regatta:
We plan to arrange one or two tune up races during Sunday.
Official Opening Sunday afternoon on ice.

See you on the ice
Sverker, Märta, Peder, Ulf, Hans, Fredrik and Tiina

Sverker Björling
+46 730 447 282



Klick on the photos from February 2,
at Fiskeboda

EC Update January 28th
The conditions of our possible sites for the Championships are as follows:

Not enough information

Good Ice, poor surface

Storsjön, Sandviken
Good Ice, good surface, some large cracks

Mälaren, Västerås - Björnö
Good Ice, good surface!

Mälaren, Västerås - Blacken
Poor ice, many small cracks

Hjälmaren, Mellanfjärden
Good ice, good surface

Not enough information

Not enough information

The weather forecast is not so promising for ice sailing. Next week will be warm with temperatures around 5 degrees plus in daytime. We will be back with new reports next week!

Coming Friday, February 3rd, we will give the final information on where we are to sail EC Monotype XV 2017.

Lake Fysingen January 28

EC Update January 20th
We are now 30 Monotypes on the EC starting line, and there may be even more registrations...! Sadly, we have no participants from Poland, let's hope they change their mind.

From now on we will continously update the status on the sites most likely to be the place of the venue (see previous EC Update). As we get closer to week 7 the number of possible sites will be reduced.

On - Friday the 3rd of February - in the evening we will announce the final decision on where to sail. It gives you one week to finalise your travelling plans. The information of the place of the regatta will be published on this Facebook-page and on the official homepage.

(However, as all iceboaters know, no decision is really final. If there are changes in weather or ice conditions we may be forced to change the decision. Again, information will be published on this Facebook-page and on the official homepage)

Have a nice week-end!

January 19, lake Fysingen
25 km north Stockholm

EC Update January 16th
There are now more than 25 Monotypes registrered for the European Championship! The weather in Sweden is also colder and right now the ice is getting thicker - let's hope it stays this way.

We are now looking on possible sites for the regatta. Sweden is a long country, around 1600 km from Riksgränsen in the very north to Smygehuk down south. There are many possible sites and we are currently monitoring the developments in the following places:

Lakes North and South Dellen, Hudiksvall.
Large sailing areas, many possible depots.

The Baltic outside Hudiksvall
Last year's venue took place here. Good depot close to the city.

Lake Storsjön, Sandviken
A well known lake, approximately 200 km north of Stockholm

Lake Mälaren outside Västerås
Good place for sailing, several possible areas

Lake Hjälmaren, Fiskeboda
Another good site for ice boating, large areas.

Lake Roxen, Linköping
Roxen is a large lake with excellent conditions.

Please note that we may end up in other sites depending on ice and snow conditions. We will keep you all informed on the progress during the coming weeks.

TG Kinberg preparing to sail on lake Fysingen, 11cm ice. Jan 14, 2017

EC Update January 13th
It is now only a month left until we will meet for the European Championship in Monotype XV!

Please note that the registration fee of 150€ will be raised on January the 15th = this weekend. If you are planning to come to Sweden and the regatta, it is time to pay now. We will accept the lower fee if the money is on our account latest Monday the 16th. That means you need to initiate the payment today Friday. Next week the registration fee is raised to 190€. Today we have received fourteen (14) Entry forms - out of which seven (7) are dutch! We are of course expecting more participants, also from Holland.

It is still to early to decide where the championship will commence. However, during next week we will present a handful of possible sites for the venue. Stay tuned to this channel to learn more, next week. The ice situation is not as good as one would hope for in mid January. Next week shall be colder and let's hope !

On out international site there is a brand new page with links to all possible sites of interest. Check out today!

We have already taken contacts with some of you to have alternative sites should there be no good ice in Sweden week 7. We welcome all ice reports to build more knowledge on the ice situatiuon. Please be as clear as possible on the thickness, the quality and the surface of the ice. We will contact you if we weant to learn more!

EC Update December 20th
The winter has turned green again, and the ice we have in the Stockholm area is no longer growing. At present we have no reports on ice large enough to host a Europan Championship. We hope to have better news after the Holidays.

To organize a large event as the European Championships is a challenging task. There are invitations to be issued, programs to be outlined, prizes to be bought, web sites to be updated and phone calls to be made. All of us in the organisation committee are now exhausted and we are very much looking forward to Christmas and some days leave. ....

Please see the enclosed Christmas Card. We will be back after the New Year!
EC Update December 16
The very first registrations for European Championships 2017 are now recieved! Please refer to the official web site for the latest status.

The ice situation is slowly improving. Many of the smaller lakes around Stockholm now have good ice but larger lakes are still open. Similar conditions are reported for middle of Sweden all the way west to Oslo in Norway. In Finland there is plenty of ice in the southern part, also on some larger lakes. There are no reports so far of ice on the Baltic. (Mats Löfberg, do you know more?). The photo is from Stora Värtan and Ranängen, too thin ....

Two Swedish Monotypes will sail coming weekend on lake Fysingen, 30 km north of Stockholm. 11-13 cm hard ice is reported. We hope to post photos a soon as possible.
EC Update December 9
The official invitation for EC 2017 is now avialable on the homepage International Monotype-XV Ice Yacht Racing Association. It has also been emailed to all Monotype email-addresses we have access to. Please help us and distribute the Invitation to any Monotype sailor who has not yet seen it!

In the area of Stockholm we have thin (skateable) ice on smaller lakes but the weather is shifting from a few minus to plus and back again. The winter and the ice is better to the north. In Dalarna (Runn) and at Sandviken the ice is growing. The picture is from Dalsland. In Finland good ice is reported around Helsingfors and the same goes for Oslo in Norway. We are however still waiting for a more permanent winter period.

Stay tuned on this channel and we will back with more news and photos!





IM-XVIYRA,  c/o Ulf Torberger,  Jaktvägen 81,  SE-187 42 TÄBY,  SWEDEN

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