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European Championship 2021 Poland organize

Official invitation 2021 here
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Official sailing instructions (pdf) here
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NEWS: Jan 27, 2021:
We in the Governing Committée of Int Monotype XV Ice Yacht Racing Association, have decided that the EC 2021 of our class are to be raced 2022 instead of 2021 in Poland.

This is due to the covid-19 situation in respective member countries that have been worsening so that people are no longer allowed to travel freely. Moreover, the prospects for the near future (one month) is very negative (virus mutation spreading).

One more detail in this is that insurance companies does not cover liability or health risks etc. if you break rules/recommendations. 

We certainly understand that this is a sad situation for the organizers and for the class but trust for all our safety that we will come back for the EC 2022 with even more numbers together with great enthusiasm. 

It goes without saying that the Baltic Cup and/or European Cup are arranged. February 10th latest date for entry form and starting fee. 

I will also call for a virtual annual meeting (suitable date) well in advance by Zoom application. Those who have paid their annual fee for 2021 are allowed to participate. Please use the payment instructions shown in the EC invitation. 

Best regards,

Bernhard Rost


NEWS: Jan 20, 2021:

Having positive opinion from different country and looking for complicated situation with ice and especially covid-19 situation we want to postpone

M XV European 2021 championships for three weeks to the data:

Feb 28th-March 5th.

Last date for regular entrance fee February 10th. 

Check-in on Feb 28 and practice on the ice

First race on March 1st according to schedule.

March 6th -departure day . 

We had some DN practice sailing yesterday on lake Talty near Mikolajki and on lake Dargin - North from Gizycko.


Think Ice and stay healthy.

Best regards.

Stan and Jurek.








IM-XVIYRA,  c/o Ulf Torberger,  Jaktvägen 81,  SE-187 42 TÄBY,  SWEDEN

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