Jyri Saraskin

Dear all Monotype-XV icesailing representatives:

Estonian yachting and iceboating have lost a friend of sailing and iceboating, mentor in several technical issues and good teacher Jyri Saraskin. 

Jyri was born in 1938 in Pärnu and started his all-life sailing activities in 1953. 

He was repeatedly in several classes the Estonian Champion during 1960-1970. 

During 1969-1979 he won several prizes in iceboating for Europeans, Soviet Union and Estonian Champs. 

He was measurer of international level and highly estimated sailmaker.For several decades he was the World Sailing Finn Class Chief Measurer.

His contribution on nowadays Finn boats precise and continuous measuring process results in maximum similarity of competing boats. 

He was the member of the Board of the Estonian Sailing Union and of the Estonian Iceboating Union, in 2015 he was selected to the Hall of Fame of Finn Class.

This year President of the Republic of Estonia awarded the Order of the White Star V class to him. 

During recent years he was supporting and assisting in running Monotype XV competitons in Estonia and his technical advice was of great help to Estonian Monotype-XV iceboaters.

Monotype –XV Estonia has lost a good friend and mentor, helpful experienced iceboater and technical advisor.

Deepest condolences to the Family

Estonian Monotype-XV icesailors
June 13, 2019