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Welcome to International Monotype-XV iceboat homepage.

Open Estonian Championship 2016 invitation here (pdf)

Gallery from the Euro Champ in Hudiksvall, Sweden (Feb 7-12 2016)

Europen Champion 2016:

Ott Kolk and Juhan Kolk (gold)


Iceboating when it is at the very BEST. The Monotype-XV iceyacht is the only 2-seated iceyacht in Europe today that regulary arrange European Championship. Maximal speed is 130-150 km/h and the iceyacht is very very nice to sail and compete with. The class is more or less active in the following countries: Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Nederland, Germany, USA and Poland.

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10th German icewsailing week 1938. Try to count the XV's !! (43 are seen on the photo)

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