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XV G-70 for sale (Jan 2020):
For sale G-70, formerly very succesful R-2 by Oleg Ekimov.
Fuselage completely refurbished by Vello Jürjo 2017.
Runnerplank new 2017  by Vello Jürjo.
One north Sail, one Konovalov sail.
bulletTwo sets of suburb steel plate runners, one set of prisma runners.
bulletTwo covers, all tools and accessories.
bulletPurpose built trailer 2016.


XV C-13 for sale (November 2018):
Monotype-XV C-13 For sale, from Saaremaa, Estonia. Built 2014, 1 set runners, 1 sail, 2016.EC 1st. Contact: Kolk, +3725234062


XV G-57 for sale (January 2018):
For Sale:  XV G-57  from Knierim Kiel, 2006, body, 1 set of runners, runnerplank, 1 sail, boom, cover for special winterprice 4900 € negotiation.
Phone 0049-454184142






IM-XVIYRA,  c/o Ulf Torberger,  Jaktvägen 81,  SE-187 42 TÄBY,  SWEDEN

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