Dear Friends,
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that last night our dear Friend Ge Been has passed away. He has been an inspiring sailing friend for many of us, always ready to help out with advice, tools, gear and work and he has built some of the most beautiful Monotypes around as well as a wonderful traditional Dutch ice yacht. But also in wet water sailing he has built, restored and helped so many yachts and yachtsmen. His workbench in his workshop, with the woodstove and coffee and beers on the grinding table was a famous place of gathering because foremost, Ge was a very generous and hospitable, social man.

We will all miss him very much indeed and will often think back, with a smile, to his many standard expressions, comments on work properly or poorly done, and the social center he was in so many lives. That we can cherish and be grateful for. Our thoughts are with his wife Marrie and daughter Brigitte, grandchild and family.
Kind regards,
Pieter den Haan Oct 25, 2017