Rule valid from August 1st 2020

Prevail order Description Note
1 IM-XVIYRA Constitution Approved 1999
2 IM-XVIYRA Classrules Approved 1999
3 Monotype-XV Policy Statement Approved July 1st 2019

New drawings 2019:
Format A3
Format A1/A2 (large)

Specification 2020 August 1st *)

*) Note: If there is a conflict between the drawings and the specification, the specification will prevail over the drawings, but only in the specific area that is covered by the specification.

Approved July 1st, 2019

Approved August 2020
5 Interpretations August 2020 by Technical Commitee Note
  Important documents/info, not part of the rule.  
n/a Vote May 2019:
1: Yes=38, No=0
2: 2A=0, 2B (25 mm)=0, 2B (50mm)=27, 2B (75mm)=0, 2C=11
Vote April 2018:
2018 vote
2018 results
2018 descision letter
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